Connect. Communicate. Collaborate.

Collaboration and innovation are a “must” to compete effectively in today’s world.

Are you ready?

Demand for work flexibility, pressure for sustainable workstyles and increased consumerisation of IT means that the way we work and how we want to work is changing.

Such forces are affecting how businesses will fundamentally be managed and operated to accommodate workplace of the future. The need to decrease costs, increase organisational flexibility and speed of change to facilitate innovation is greater than before. Adopting the right technology and enabling ease of use will be key for success.

Having the ability to connect, communicate and collaborate in real-time is critical in gaining competitive advantages such as productivity, mobility and flexibility through:

 Reducing human latency

Reducing human latency

Improving workflow management

Improving workflow management

Reducing media and device dependencies

Reducing media and device dependencies

Get more out of your communication

As your business expands and mobile workforce increases, the old rules of communications will no longer apply. Facilitating communication and collaboration in real-time from virtually anywhere becomes imperative.

Skype for Business provides new opportunities for seamless communication within your team, with customer and partners.

Adopting the right technology is key; which means faster decision-making, better business-critical processes and enhanced collaborations for your growing workforce:

Enriched communications – eliminating multiple systems

No longer do you have to choose between one or the other communication method, they are all integrated so that you can have it all in one place. Breaking down the barriers across voice, email, conferencing, video and instant messaging, giving you an easy way to use the most appropriate means to reach people and information they need.

Increased productivity – through better collaboration

Achieve greater mobility, boost collaboration and enhance productivity by communicating more effectively internally. The ability to work at any time from any location means staff can also enjoy different workstyles.

Reduced complexity

True unified communications mean your email, voice, video conferencing, instant messaging and document sharing can now work together anytime, anywhere. It can also mean reducing the number of networks and separate technologies needed to provide a simple user experience.

Unlock your business potential with Skype for Business

Nexon Absolute - Stay in touch anywhere

Stay in touch anywhere

without the need for complicated technology connections

Nexon Absolute - Communicate the right way

Communicate the right way

broad communication extending it across an ecosystem of devices

Nexon Absolute - Make virtual meeting more effective

Make virtual meeting more effective

with up to 250 meeting participants with multi-party audio and video support

Nexon Absolute - Integrate with Office 365

Integrate with Office 365

making it even easier to connect, call and communications.

Learn more about Nexon Absolute

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Nexon Absolute for Business

Connect. Communicate. Collaborate with Nexon Absolute.

Already an Office 365 end user?

Integrated with Office 365, Skype for Business, makes it easy to connect, call, and collaborate. Enrich your office experience with group IM, persistent chat rooms, and group voice and video calling.

Skype for Business leverages data and knowledge essential to Office, Active Directory, Exchange and SharePoint to simplify your operations.

Elevate your business collaboration

Nexon Absolute Suite

Join the ranks of companies that are looking for applications beyond email to enhance collaboration.

Nexon Absolute is a cloud-based unified communications solution that encompasses Skype for Business, allowing businesses to experience its full potential anytime, anywhere.

Nexon Absolute replaces your standard PBX system, while combining and integrating all your communication capabilities on a single, easy to use platform – voice mail, video, audio, web conferencing messaging and desktop sharing.

All the benefits, without the hassles

Nexon Absolute gives you all the advantages of a truly unified communications solution without the hassles of lengthy and expensive implementations.

Nexon Absolute is a cloud-based service that’s built on Skype for Business Cloud PBX, so it’s practically and intuitively more familiar to your people. Nexon Absolute allows you to resolve your organisation’s communications challenges, simplify your ICT management, and unleash the full potential of unifiwed communications. We’ll let you decide which part is cloud and which is the silver lining.
Nexon Absolute - Filling the Voice Gap

It’s likely you’re one of the many companies in Australia already using Skype or Office 365 for Instant Messaging and Presence. For Office 365 users, Nexon Absolute can extend functionality to include enterprise voice features while leveraging the Exchange for voice mail. This fills a critical gap for Office 365 users.

Nexon Absolute - Low cost, many advantages

By utilising Nexon Absolute your organisation can significantly reduce the ongoing total cost of ownership for your IT infrastructure. In addition, you can gain access to Nexon’s discounted Network Carrier Plans, including the option to upgrade to an ‘all calls inclusive’ monthly CAP Plan. Significantly reducing your monthly phone bills is the main cost advantage, but there are others we’d be happy to discuss with you.

Enterprise Audio and Video Experience

To ensure the highest level of voice and video quality, Nexon Absolute can be delivered over Nexon’s Private Network rather than the open ‘public’ Internet. Using our private network allows us to provide you with an enterprise-quality network service guarantee for all voice, video and file sharing sessions.

Nexon Absolute - Zero touch

Nexon Absolute is a completely hassle-free solution. Our dedicated team not only ensures an easy, free-of-cost transition from your old PBX to a completely hosted environment, it will also provide full maintenance and training for your new communications solution.

Nexon Absolute - Pay as you go, pay as you grow

Nexon Absolute is a hosted access solution delivered as a service, on a pay-per-seat-per-month basis. This model gives your organisation the flexibility of scaling up and down, depending on the amount of users and the style of services you need to suit your organisation’s changing needs and budget.

Start eliminating silo system and platforms in your organisation and begin leveraging the rewards of unified communications.

Skype for Business

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