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Nexon Absolute Video

Built with Polycom RealPresence Clariti, Nexon Absolute Video delivers universal video conferencing experience with full HD and bi-directional content sharing, driven by a simple Skype for Business Meeting initiation.

The future of collaboration revolves around people. Better collaboration not only enhances productivity but also helps deliver better customer services and experiences as well as accelerating decision making. Nexon Absolute Video enables effortless collaboration with geographically-disperse teams, partners and suppliers.

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Nexon Absolute gives you all the advantages of a truly unified communications solution without the hassles of lengthy
and expensive implementations.


Nexon Absolute Video

All the benefits, without the hassles

Nexon Absolute gives you all the advantages of a truly unified communications solution without the hassles of lengthy and expensive implementations. So if you simply need your collaboration systems to work as promised, while you get on with your core business activities, Nexon Absolute is the right solution for you.



Built with market-leading video conference platform from Polycom who has been successfully providing video conferencing bridges to customers internationally for more than 25 years, Nexon Absolute Video gives you the peace of mind knowing that any standards-based video conferencing endpoint, either internal or external to your network, will successfully connect.

Nexon Absolute Video - Integration


Using the best Microsoft Lync/Skype for Business integration in the marketplace to provide a single workflow for video conferencing meeting creation, your employees can create a universal video conference that any Lync/Skype for Business, or standards-based video endpoint (internal or external to your network) to join via a single Lync/Skype for Business invite.

Nexon Absolute - One-Click Meetings


With Nexon Absolute Video, joining a meeting will be just a single click away. The Microsoft integration extends to customer’s video endpoints; meaning every endpoint will see the meeting invite and can connect by just a clicking on a simple Click to Join button.



You will be able to do away with a complex billing system. Providing a simple pricing model. customer pays only a simple monthly fee for the full service that represents a fraction of the cost of a dedicated platform.

Nexon Absolute Video - QoS


When provisioning for video traffic, you need the assurance of the right link. With a Nexon WAN link, you will be provided with a guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS) for all video conferences within your network.

Nexon Absolute Video - SLA


Fully managed by Nexon, a leading Polycom Cloud Provider, customers enjoy a wrapped up managed service backed by real Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Find out how Nexon Absolute ensures Skype for Business does exactly what you need it to.