Why Nexon Absolute?

Why Nexon Absolute?

For a long time now, UC has over-promised and under-delivered. Leading industry analysts tell us that as many as eight-out-of-ten UC projects either do not reach their full potential or they fail to deliver on key ‘transformational’ promises 1.

At Nexon, we understand the role UC needs to play in making your organisation a more connected place, the kind of environment where people can be more productive, efficient, responsive and collaborative. We also understand that your UC solution will touch every area of your business – from the network infrastructure to the employee’s desktop or mobile environment, and everything in between.

It’s this promise of end-to-end collaboration that makes UC such a game-changer for organisations, which is why you need an engagement program like Nexon Absolute to help you unleash its full potential.

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Nexon Absolute is the most effective way of implementing Unified Communications (UC) throughout your business.




We’ve done the research for you

Nexon chose Skype for Business over other UC products because it is more visual, more personal and more integrated. It gives your people more freedom, flexibility and control in the ways they communicate and collaborate from any location, on any device.


We have the experience

Nexon is one of the few systems integrators that can combine its technical expertise across all ICT segments with a real understanding of Skype for Business. We can develop a UC strategy that integrates your network, telephony, desktop, server, applications and mobile environments, ensuring the proposed Skype for Business platform seamlessly extends your existing IT environment.


Developed to be used… and enjoyed

We understand that a successful Skype for Business integration must incorporate the needs of your users as well as your organisation’s processes. This is why, we ensure the solution is not only properly delivered, but then properly used by your people. Nexon Absolute has a strong focus on project management and end user training, featuring user-friendly transition modules, and migration and support strategies


We know how to get you there

Nexon has the expertise and Project Management resources to ensure that the planned implementation of your Skype for Business platform is completed on time and with minimum risk. We use a tried and proven methodology based on the international industry standard PRINCE2 2009, which can be applied to any project regardless of size, type of organisation or organisational culture. Our methodology provides a consistent and secure approach to project management giving you the confidence that your investment is maximised and your project is successful.


Don’t let tradition hamper your growth

Nexon’s implementation of Skype for Business will transform your organisation, moving it away from restrictive traditional communication systems to one that truly streamlines all the different channels of communication your business accesses on daily basis. Our holistic approach to Skype for Business integration means that we can also give you access to Nexon’s Skype for Business solutions and its “per seat per month” plan, meaning you only pay for rolling out Skype for Business where it makes sense.

1 HP’s Arthur Fillip, VP and GM of Technology Services Consulting, Enterprise Business speaking at Enterprise Connect 2011

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